Start a Junior Enterprise and begin a journey of entrepreneurship and impact

Are you a student or university staff member that wants to create a JE?

Do you want to stimulate the creation of JEs in a certain country or region?

What is a Junior Enterprise?

The concept of Junior Enterprises aims to provide students of higher education with unique learning by doing experiences.

While still studying at the university, students manage their own non-profit SMEs.

These companies, called Junior Enterprises, offer professional services to the market in different areas of the corporate world (Business, Engineering, Marketing, Law…).

The students manage, sell and execute the projects, providing them hands-on entrepreneurial & professional experience and the opportunity to impact their client’s businesses.

International Standards of a JE :

Linked to an Institution of Higher Education

Legal Entity


Non-political, non-religious

Managed entirely by students

Fostering member’s development

Aiming sustainable development


Why should you create a Junior Enterprise?

As a Junior Entrepreneur, you get to deliver projects to real clients, learn entrepreneurship in practice and be part of an active Global Network.

As the founder of a Junior Enterprise, you get to write your own story. A story that can show your vision, commitment and skills to future employers and provide a unique opportunity to university students.


Why should you stimulate the creation of JEs?

Junior Enterprises act as a bridge between Academia and the Business World, resulting in more employable and entrepreneurial graduates.

Moreover, several instances of the JE Network have become conscious of their role in the formation of the next generation of entrepreneurs. They are continuously challenging themselves to improve, increasing their impact as a consequence.

By supporting the enlargement of the JE Network (at a regional or global level), you become part of the history of the JE Network and of this next generation of leaders.

How to create a JE?